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Find a Charity or Nonprofit — At CharityCheck101.org you can check the identity and tax status of every nonprofit recognized by the IRS (more than 1.4 million of them). Possibly the best free donor protection tool ever — helping you avoid fake charities and find legitimate ones.

Car Donation Calculator – Ever thought about donating your used car to charity? The Calculator will quickly help you figure out the smartest approach for your car, in your circumstances. This is not a car donation program. SeriousGivers doesn’t have a car donation program. And we don’t plan to have one. NEW

Charity Reviews — Read reviews and find quick information about charities we’ve covered at Charity of the Day.

Doing Good Matters podcast — The only podcast dedicated to helping you and other donors and volunteers do good even better — regardless of which charities or causes you support.

Volunteers and Taxes — Where volunteers ask questions and find answers to what they can deduct under the IRS rules.

Join the Community — The community of caring people who want to make the world better, and are willing to spend time and energy to make it happen. Community members receive free updates and publications to help them do good even better.

Serious Thoughts blog — Regular news and commentary helping you give wisely and well.

Free & More — Free publications to help you do good better.

You give, you care, you want to make the world better. You want the dollars you give and the volunteer hours you spend to be used wisely and well by a strong charity focused on what matters to you. We’re dedicated to helping you — regardless of which charities or causes you support.

Latest Updates

Gifts to donor advised funds grew 23 percent - 11-15-2014
The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that a  flood of contributions to donor advised funds pushed assets of the charitable accounts to a new high of nearly $54-billion in 2013, according to a new report. But the report also found that those acco...

Help for Veterans and the Military - 11-08-2014
The folks over at CharityWatch.org have just published a thoughtful guide to helping veterans and the military. The report is part of the CharityWatch Winter 2014-15 Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report. It's available now only to CharityWatch ...
Make sense of charity overhead and program spending | DGM 033 - 10-28-2014
Make sense of charity overhead and program spending Welcome. This is the podcast that helps you do good even better -- regardless of which charities or causes you support.  This is Ed Long. In each podcast I talk about charities and provide action...
What is a Podcast? - 10-23-2014
Podcasting is like internet radio, but better. It's better because you can listen to what you want to, when you want, where you want to, without having a radio and without being connected to the internet. You can listen to a podcast...
Wealthiest pulled back charitable giving while others stepped it up - 10-06-2014
The wealthiest Americans—those who earned $200,000 or more—reduced the share of income they gave to charity from 2006 to 2012. Meanwhile, Americans who earned less than $100,000 chipped in more of their income during the same time period. E...


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