000 – Doing Good Matters – Introducing the podcast

Doing Good Matters podcastWelcome to the weekly Doing Good Matters podcast

This is the podcast dedicated to those generous people across the U.S. who donate their time and money to charities.

Did you know that individuals and families are by far the biggest source of donated money for charities? And that individuals, young and old, give more than 8 billion hours to their nonprofits and communities each year?

Each episode will

  • Provide insights and information designed to help charity donors and volunteers do good even better.
  • Respond to questions and feedback.
  • Discuss an Angel charity recently featured at Charity of the Day.
  • Have a new and unique sponsor.
  • Be accompanied by written show notes (like these) covering the content of the program and links discussed. For example, check out the Free & More page for free and “pay what you want” publications.

About Ed Long, the podcaster

Podcaster Ed Long has been preparing more than 40 years to do this podcast. He knows charities and the rules that apply to them. He’s analyzed charity finances and operations.  He’s founded and run charities, and volunteered for them. He’s helped the public and law enforcement fight fake charities, and has served as a philanthropy educator and coach. Before all that he worked as a partner with a major Wall Street law firm. Ed is the founder and CEO of SeriousGivers, which itself is a charity.

Ed knows the great work that strong charities can do with the resources entrusted to them, and is passionate about helping others find and support strong charities.

Listen each week

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to supporting charities or have been doing it for years, we can all take it to the next level and do good even better.

Thank you for listening.