009 – Doing Good Matters – Protect your year-end charitable donation deductions

Protect your year-end charitable donation deductions

Welcome back to the weekly Doing Good Matters podcast. This is the podcast dedicated to those generous people across the U.S. who donate their time and money to charities.

  • By giving our time and money, we help make the world a better place.
  • By giving our time and money, we do good — and doing good matters.
  • And there’s a lot of good remaining to be done, both locally and globally.

Making sure our donated time and money is well spent takes thought and effort. It’s serious work.

This is Ed Long. Each week on this podcast I talk about charities and provide actionable tips to help donors and volunteers to take their philanthropy to the next level and do good even better. This is the only podcast that helps you and other donors and volunteers do good even better — regardless of which charities or causes you support.

Because doing good matters.

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Episode 009

  • Today’s main topic: Protect your year-end charitable donation deductions. Talking more today about the smart part of the “give smart from your heart” message.December 31
    • Each year, December is the biggest month for donations to charity.
    • Certainly there’s a spirit of good will and of giving in the air.
    • There’s also the reminder that, if you want a charitable donation deduction this year, you need to get it done by December 31.
    • How do you make sure that a donation you make this year gets you a tax deduction this year? Even if you make it on December 31?
    • How do you prove to the IRS that it was a 2013 donation, not a 2014 donation?
    • Of course, you’ll only get an charitable donation deduction if you itemize deductions on your return.
    • We discussed three year-end donation approaches, and protecting your 2013 deduction,
      • donations by credit card,
      • by bank debit card or PayPal and
      • by mailing a check.
    • See the details in writing at post on how to Protect your year-end donation deductions.
    • Had experiences? Have feedback? Share your thoughts  in the Reply / Comment section at the bottom of the page. Or email me at ed[@]seriousgivers.org
    • Quick link: Free & More, where you can find How to Become a Master Charity Donor book (pay what you want).
  • Today’s Charity Baloney is the belief that I can deduct what I paid for a charity raffle ticket. The truth is that there is no charitable deduction for raffle, lottery, bingo or other games of chance.
  • Today’s sponsor is the number 1,412,018. That’s the number of nonprofits registered with the IRS as of December 9, 2013.  
    • Quick link: You can find information on every nonprofit registered with the IRS at CharityCheck101.org. All the IRS data, without the kerfuffle.

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