010 – Doing Good Matters – Focus your charitable giving on fewer charities

Focus your charitable giving on fewer charities

Welcome back to the weekly Doing Good Matters podcast. This is the podcast dedicated to those generous people across the U.S. who donate their time and money to charities.

Making sure our donated time and money is well spent takes thought and effort. It’s serious work.

This is Ed Long. Each week on this podcast I talk about charities and provide actionable tips to help donors and volunteers to take their philanthropy to the next level and do good even better.

This is the only podcast that helps you and other donors and volunteers do good even better — regardless of which charities or causes you support.

Doing good matters. Give smart from your heart.

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Episode 010

  • Today’s main topic: Focus your charitable giving on fewer charities.Fewer is More
    • Talking more today about the smart part of “give smart from your heart.”
    • When you focus your giving on fewer charities you get
      • more knowledge about the charities you chose
      • more connection with them
      • more satisfaction for seeing your support matter
    • When you focus your giving on fewer charities, and make fewer donations, your donating produces lower fundraising costs for charities so more of your donated dollars can end up going to programs.
    • Focusing on fewer charities is a smart and easy step to take as you move to do good even better.
    • Pick fewer than 5 to focus on. Devote 80% or 90% or more of your giving budget to them.
      • The remainder can go to “social” giving, if you find that valuable.
    • Over the year, you’ll learn much more about the charities you’re focused on.
    • Next year, continue to support them. Or move on to others. But again, focus on a few.
    • Had experiences? Have feedback? Share your thoughts  in the Reply / Comment section at the bottom of the page. Or email me at ed[@]seriousgivers.org
    • Quick link: Free & More, where you can find How to Become a Master Charity Donor book (pay what you want). Giving to fewer charities is Step #5 in the book.
  • Today’s Charity Baloney is the belief that I can deduct what I paid for an item at a charity auction. The truth is that you can deduct the amount you paid only to the extent it exceeds the value of what you received.
  • Today’s sponsor is the number 1,047,591. That’s the number of Section 501(c)(3) nonprofits registered with the IRS as of December 9, 2013.
    • That’s just over 74% of all registered nonprofits.
    • When most people talk about “charities” they’re talking about nonprofits that qualified under Section 501(c)(3).
    • Donations to Section 501(c)(3) nonprofits are deductible as charitable contributions.
    • All charities are nonprofits; not all nonprofits are charities.
    • Quick link: You can find information on every nonprofit registered with the IRS at CharityCheck101.org. All the IRS data, without the kerfuffle.

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Podcaster Ed Long has been preparing more than 40 years to do this podcast. He knows charities and the rules that apply to them. He’s analyzed charity finances and operations.  He’s founded and run charities, and volunteered for them. He’s helped the public and law enforcement fight fake charities, and has served as a philanthropy educator and coach. Before all that he worked as a partner with a major Wall Street law firm. Ed is the founder and CEO of SeriousGivers, which itself is a charity. Ed knows the great work that strong charities can do with the resources entrusted to them, and is passionate about helping others find and support strong charities.