Buffett tops Philanthropy 50 for 2012

Money $50

Warren Buffett gave $3 billion+

Making a $1 billion+ gift to the foundation of each of his three children, Warren Buffet topped the list of mega-donors for 2012. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan finished a distant (but hugely generous) second by giving $498 million. Leonard and Pamela Schaeffer of Wellpoint and Blue Cross of California fame wrapped up 50th place giving $26.8 million+ (principally to University of Southern California).

Megaphilanthropy in 2012 remained below levels seen before 2007’s economic shock. This year, The Chronicle of Philanthropy highlighted major giving by donors under the age of 40.

Read the details of who gave what, and to whom, in the latest annual Philanthropy 50 report from The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

What do you think? Are the mega-wealthy doing their fair share?

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