YWCA of the USA is Charity of the Day

Charity of the Day
YWCA of the USA is the Charity of the Day for June 21, 2013.

This week’s theme: Human services charities. Next week’s theme: Cancer-related charities. More about Charity of the Day.

About YWCA of the USA

SG Commentary: We’re reporting today on the national YWCA organization (EIN: 13-1624103).

Its largest program involves providing support to regions and local associations (it spent $666,474). The next largest reported program ($632,000) is communications (described as “builds unified corporate identity and visibility . . . conveys mission . . . .”) — to us that has a pretty strong administrative and fundraising sound.

Concerns about YWCA of the USA include

  • It has net assets worth 11.0 times what it spends in a year. In our view, a ratio between 0.5 and 2.0 is appropriate — 11.0 is not. Read more about reserve ratios.
  • Even counting the second largest program described above as a program expense, it used less than 45% of its spending on what it identified as program services.

The charity’s five SGO ratios show: 2 “green” (acceptable), 0 “yellow” (caution, discuss and obtain explanation) and 3 “red” (failed screening). CharityNavigator.org rates this charity “0-Stars” (Exceptionally Poor). CharityWatch.org also rates this charity.



Charity’s full name  YWCA OF THE USA
Also known as
City, State and ZIP  WASHINGTON, DC 20036
EIN (employer identification number)  13-1624103
Does charity’s website show EIN? [more]  Yes, on donation page
Date of IRS report data  Aug-2012
Total revenues  $2,438,140
Largest single revenue source  Investment income and sales of securities combined
Largest revenue source amount  $1,778,157
Percent of revenues from largest source  79.2%
Link to Form 990 or 990-EZ  Click here
Charity’s website link  www.ywca.org
CharityNavigator profile link  Click here
NCCS profile link  Click here
GreatNonprofits profile link  Click here
GuideStar profile link  Click here
SGO Report link  Click here
Spending on programs % [more]  43.26%
Reserve ratio [more]  11.0
CharityCheck101 report link  Click here
Date SGO research completed or updated  Jun 20, 2013

The information provided reflects research completed or updated on date shown. Information is gathered from public sources, including the most recent IRS Form 990 or Form 990-EZ we found for the charity.

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