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Winding-up and dissolution

SeriousGivers (the California nonprofit benefit corporation) is winding-up its operations and dissolving its corporate existence. Founder Ed Long plans to keep much of the content and information alive through SeriousGivers.org, CharityCheck101.org or EdwardWLong.com.

SeriousGivers is no longer seeking or accepting donations.

About SeriousGivers.org and CharityCheck101.org

About SeriousGivers

  • Formed in 2010, SeriousGivers is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and managed by a three-person board of directors.
  • The founder and CEO is Ed Long, whose 40+ years of experience includes being a partner with a major Wall Street law firm, founding and running charities, and serving as a philanthropy educator and coach.
  • Find us at GuideStar. Registration may be required, but it’s free.

Tax Status and IRS

Financial information

  • Where does SeriousGivers’ money come from?
    • Donations and grants (deductible as charitable contributions).
    • At times in the past we have sold some of our own publications and research services, both for nominal charges.
    • Our founder, Ed Long, has advanced money and time to help us get started.

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  1. Jane
    September 25, 2013 @ 6:41 pm


    I am writing a research paper on Girl Scouts and I wanted to cite you in my paper. I was looking for an author, but I was unable to find someone. Is it possible that there is someone taking responsiblitiy for this website?

    Please respond!


    • Edward Long
      September 26, 2013 @ 1:45 pm

      Jane —
      Thanks for your question.
      If you want to cite a report found on this site, I suggest you use the approach “[name of report], SeriousGivers.org, referenced [date you reviewed the report].” We don’t attribute reports to individual authors.
      If you want to cite a post found on this site, the author’s name is typically found at the bottom of the post.
      I hope you find this helpful.
      — Ed (aka Serious)