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About SeriousGivers.org and CharityCheck101.org

About SeriousGivers

  • Formed in 2010, SeriousGivers is a California public benefit corporation and managed by a three-person board of directors.
  • The founder and CEO is Ed Long, whose 40+ years of experience includes being a partner with a major Wall Street law firm, founding and running charities, and serving as a philanthropy educator and coach.
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Financial information

  • Where does SeriousGivers’ money come from?
    • Donations and grants (deductible as charitable contributions).
    • At times in the past we have sold some of our own publications and research services, both for nominal charges.
    • Our founder, Ed Long, has advanced money and time to help us get started.

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  1. Jane
    September 25, 2013 @ 6:41 pm


    I am writing a research paper on Girl Scouts and I wanted to cite you in my paper. I was looking for an author, but I was unable to find someone. Is it possible that there is someone taking responsiblitiy for this website?

    Please respond!


    • Edward Long
      September 26, 2013 @ 1:45 pm

      Jane —
      Thanks for your question.
      If you want to cite a report found on this site, I suggest you use the approach “[name of report], SeriousGivers.org, referenced [date you reviewed the report].” We don’t attribute reports to individual authors.
      If you want to cite a post found on this site, the author’s name is typically found at the bottom of the post.
      I hope you find this helpful.
      — Ed (aka Serious)