Find an IRS charity Form 990 or 990-EZ

EINs: the fast and precise way to do charity and nonprofit research (including finding an IRS charity form 990)

Having the organization’s EIN (employer identification number) is the key to quick and exact research about a nonprofit or charity. Read How can I find an organization’s EIN?
Having the organization’s EIN will greatly speed up your search for its 990 or 990-EZ.


OneFind the 990 through the SGO database.

Use the SGO Find a Charity search engine. Go to its Report. Look at the “Key 990 Data” tab. Check the first row (Link to online return location) — if there’s a link there, click on the link and you’ll go to the latest 990 or 990-EZ that we’ve found. Link to 990

If the first row shows “Not Yet” — go to Step 2.

TwoCheck the Charity’s SGO Report “More Information” tab.

Stay within the charity’s SGO Report. On the “More Information” tab you should find a link to the National Center for Charitable Statistics page for the charity. Click on the link should take you to the NCCS page for the organization. From there go to the “Form 990 Filings” tab.

Find 990 through NCCS

If there’s not a link already there, move on to 3 below.


Other search tools.

You are likely having a problem identifying the organization. The organization’s EIN is the key to finding its 990 or 990-EZ. Read the How can I find an organization’s EIN? page. Find the EIN and use the search tools listed below in the order listed:

1. National Center for Charitable Statistics

NCCS has a terrific search tool, and no registration is required.  Just enter the charity’s EIN in the seventh row. Here’s what the NCCS search tool looks like:

NCCS Search EngineOnce you submit your request, you should get a page with the charity’s name showing as a link. Click on that link. You’ll go to a page that looks like the following. Click on the Form 990 Filings tab, and you’ll find a list showing the latest 990 carried by NCCS. Click on the link and the return will open.

NCCS Search Continued


Go to the home page and enter the charity’s EIN in the search box. Using the site will require registration (it’s free).

GuideStar search box

Follow through to the Forms 990 & Docs tab, then click on the link to the latest return shown and the return will open.

GuideStar forms tab


12 comments to Find a 990

  • How can I find an organization’s EIN number? M.White

    • Edward Long

      Monika – Excellent question (we’ll write a FAQ about it).
      Having an organization’s EIN is the key to quick and exact research about the organization.
      A couple of immediate thoughts for you,
      ** You could get the EIN from the organization or its website or written fundraising materials. We encourage organizations to prominently show their EINs. Read more at:
      ** Go to the directory search page. Follow the instructions there, searching based on the organization’s name. The “Goldilocks” name search (just right) will be neither too precise nor too vague. Every IRS-recognized nonprofit and charity can be found at
      I hope you find this helpful. — Ed (aka Serious)

  • Edward Long

    We’ve now added a FAQ on how to find an organization’s EIN.
    Here’s a link:
    We thank Monika for her question on this.
    Ed (aka Serious)

  • Jean

    I am the new treasurer of a 501c(3) organization. How do we get our organization’s 990-EZ information to appear on this website? The organization’s name and some information is on the website.

  • Sheila Davison

    How can I find the salary of the top employees, like V.P. and directors for Access Services pin 23-2314724?

    • Edward Long

      Ms. Davison —
      Thank you for providing the EIN for the organization — that’s the very best way to do nonprofit, charity research.
      We did some digging,
      ** We found a report on the organization at Click this link to go to the report.
      ** We also checked the NCCS site and GuideStar.
      ** We did find that the organization is a section 501(c)(3) public charity.
      ** No place did we find a Form 990 or Form 990-EZ that might provide the information you are seeking. It did file an IRS information return with information through June 2012 — most likely a Form 990-N (indicating that the organization’s revenues are less than $50,000 per year).
      ** We also checked the Pennsylvania Department of State online charities database — but did not find a registration for the organization.
      We hope you find this helpful,
      Ed (aka Serious)

  • Jack

    Thank you for this valuable information. I’m confused what it means if a non-profit does not report financial information to IRS for many years and still remain a active tax-exempt status. Like this one: EIN 481254410. Could you tell me about it a little bit?

    • Edward Long

      Jack –
      We did some digging. A few thoughts for you,
      ** Here’s a link to the organization’s report at =
      ** It shows that the organization’s latest return covered the period through December 2009.
      ** We found that return. Here’s a link =
      ** Typically, if an organization has not filed a required return, its exemption will be automatically revoked as of the due date of the third required annual filing. There are exceptions.
      ** Unless there’s an exception that applies to this organization, since it’s a calendar year filer its 2012 return would have been due on May 15, 2013; if it did not obtain an extension, the organization would expect to have its tax exemption revoked soon.
      I hope you find this helpful.
      Ed (aka Serious)

  • Laura

    I am trying to locate Form 990 from 2013 and 2014 for this organzation EIN: 161492711. Can you help?

  • gerald lyon

    I am trying to locate the 990 form for 2014 for EIN 381387123?

    When should it have been filed?

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