Fake charity focused on autism

Police in Massachusetts have arrested the operator of a fake charity focused on autism.Fake Charity Scam Alert

From a donation point of view, fake charities do double damage. They steal from the donor, and they take money from the people the donor was trying to help.

In this case, the scammer focused on public concern about autism. He called his group “Paintballers 4 Autism.” According to the police report, he said the charity provided donations to local and national charities, and provided child locators and training to local police. He raised money through selling paintball equipment with the fraudulent charity’s logo on it, and held tournaments to support the charity. Not only did he raise donations, he obtained the time and energy of volunteers in support of the fake charity.

Fake charities are among the IRS dirty dozen of tax scams.

CharityCheck101.org is a free, quick way to check the identity and tax status of any group soliciting funds as a charity. The quickest way to screen out a fake charity is to get the organization’s EIN (employer identification number) and check it. More about EINs.

Read the MassLive.com report on the fake charity.