Quick digging about GreaterGood.Com

Sharon from Crystal Lake, IL, is a SeriousGivers community member. Sharon emailed and asked me to check out GreaterGood.Com.

I did some quick diggingQuick Digging

Here’s what I found:

  • GreaterGood.Com is a commercial entity, not a charity.
  • Its website says:  GreaterGood.Com is a suite of charity-driven websites that launched in 1999 with The Hunger Site.
  • Its website lists these causes: GreaterGood, Hunger, Breast Cancer, Animals, Veterans, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Literacy and Rainforest.
  • It’s not clear how or why a charity program is selected to be featured at GreaterGood.Com.
  • I found no clear information on how much it raises, or what portion goes to charity programs (vs. GreaterGood.com sales, administration and profit).
  • GreaterGood.Com is distinct from GreaterGood.Org. The GreaterGood.Com website describes GreaterGood Org as a partner. I found no further information about the relationship.
  • GreaterGood.Org is located in Seattle, WA. Its unique EIN is 204846675.
    • Read its CharityCheck101.org report.
    • We updated the following information on September 9, 2016:
      • Latest IRS Form 990 we found (for twelve months ended June 30, 2014).
      • It raised $7.1 million. By far, its largest program related to animal welfare (animal rescue) where it spent $3.89 million (69% of total spending).
      • GreaterGood Org is not rated by either CharityNavigator.org or CharityWatch.org.
      • I found no information about its relationship with GreaterGood.Com.

My bottom line

If you want to support strong charities doing work you care about, give elsewhere (not at GreaterGood.Com). There’s no telling how much of the money raised through GreaterGood.Com goes to any particular cause.