Sandy relief charity scam grabs $600,000 plus


Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation a “charity” scam

As reported by, New Jersey authorities are pursuing the founders of the “Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation” — a “charity” fake that has raised more than $600,000 in the aftermath of the superstorm Sandy disaster. Less than 1% of moneys raised has gone to victims. The organization used a name similar to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, chaired by first lady Mary Pat Christie. The fake charity never registered with the IRS or New Jersey charity officials.

Charity scams do double damage — they steal from donors, and they steal from those donors were trying to help.

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Avoid charity scams by checking identity and tax status

Any donor could have avoided this scam (and perhaps reported it early to authorities) by getting and checking the organization’s EIN (employer identification number) before donating. The scammers would have either come up with a fake EIN, or no EIN, or the EIN of a legitimate group. Whatever approach they used, checking the EIN at the EIN Magic page would have revealed the fakery.

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