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T50 Charity CodeCharities and NTEE-CC codes
NTEE-CC codes are part of the charity classification system (or taxonomy) developed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The NTEE-CC system divides nonprofit organizations into 26 major groups. Note: Because of IRS processing time, some organizations have not yet been assigned a code.

Nonprofits registered with the IRS are assigned a three-character NTEE-CC code, based on the organization’s stated purpose or major activities. A typical NTEE-CC code consists of a letter and a two-digit number (although a few consist of a letter, a one-digit number and another letter). The first character is a letter tied to one of the 26 major groups. Each three-character code is tied to a broadly-described category. A few are shown below. Taking the “A62” code as an example, the “A” signifies the major group (Arts, Culture & Humanities) while the “62” provides more specific category definition (Dance).

Code Description
A62 Dance
A6C Bands & Ensembles
G60 Allergy-Related Diseases
I31 Half-Way Houses for Offenders & Ex-Offenders
N71 Olympics
V32 Women’s Studies

Finding a charity’s primary NTEE-CC code
Go to our Find a Charity search engine and find the charity. Go to the charity’s Charity Codes (NTEE) tab, where we show its primary NTEE-CC code across from the “Charity code (NTEE) #1” heading. If the charity is not included in our database, go to the NCCS 990 search page and enter the charity’s name, FEIN or other identifying information – if the charity is in the NCCS database, go to the charity’s page and look for “NTEE” under “Organization Details.”

Finding an NTEE-CC code based on keywords
NCCS maintains an online search engine, where you can enter one or more keywords and produce a list of NTEE-CC codes related to them.  The search engine is found at and looks like this:

Using the search engine to search for “elder abuse” produced the following results:

Using an NTEE-CC code to find charities
Go to our Find a Charity page and enter the NTEE-CC code in the Charity Code search box. Your results will be a list of charities with that code.

A note on primary and additional NTEE-CC codes
At times, a charity will adopt one or more NTEE-CC codes in addition to the primary code assigned to it by the IRS. When such codes are found, they are added to our database. If you enter an NTEE-CC code in our Charity Code search box you will find charities where that code is either the primary or an additional NTEE-CC code.


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