What is a Podcast?

Podcasting is like internet radio, but better.

Listen to a podcastIt’s better because you can listen to

  • what you want to,
  • when you want,
  • where you want to,
  • without having a radio and
  • without being connected to the internet.

You can listen to a podcast at the gym, in your car, taking a walk, on the couch — you get to choose.

Podcasting does for radio and audio what the VCR did for television shows.

Individual podcasting shows are called podcasts.

Already listening to podcasts?

You’re way ahead of the curve. Just 5% of the population has caught on.

How to listen to a podcast

You can listen to a podcast on any device that you can listen to music on (smart phone, iPad, MP3 player, etc.).

Two of the very popular apps that will help you find and subscribe to podcasts are

Have a favorite radio show that you miss hearing sometimes?

If it has a podcast, you can listen to the show when you want, where you want, without turning your radio on.

The Doing Good Matters podcast

This free podcast helps helps you do good even better — regardless of which charities or causes you support. Another free public service from SeriousGivers. Listen to a sample episode.

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