IRS Announces 2012 Charity Volunteer Mileage Rate

IRS Announces Charity Volunteer

In 2012 The Internal Revenue Service has launched optional mileage rates for calculating the estimated amount used for operating a vehicle for different purposes such as business medical transportation and charity work.

On January 1 2012 the standard village rates for different automobiles such as pickups, panel trucks, can were published. There rates are given below:

In order to use an automobile for business purpose, the standard million rates for it were 55.5 cents per mile.

When it was used for medical or transportation purpose 23 cents per mile were charged.

Similarly when Charity-driven organizations were using any automobile, they have to pay 14 cents per mile.

However tax payers can do all these calculations by themselves to estimate the actual cost of using their automobile instead of using manuals available for standard mileage rates.

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