Find An IRS Charity Form 990 or 990-EZ

Find An IRS Charity

EINs: It is the quick and most authentic resource to do charity and nonprofit research such as to find and IRS charity form 990.

In order to a precise and fast survey about a charity or nonprofit organization by inserting its Employer Identification Number is the best way to speed up your search for its 990 or 990 EZ.

Did odd few steps that should be followed accordingly to search for a charity organization and those steps are:

1) Find the 990 through the SGO database.

The first step is to open SGO for searching a Charity search engine. Once it is found, go to its Report section and find “Key 990 Data” tab. In the first line you will find a link to its online return location so click on the link and it will provide you the latest 910 or 990 EZ. If in the first line link is not available, move to Step 2.

2) Check the Charity’s SGO Report “More Information” tab.

Once you opened the charity’s SGO report, go to the “More Information” tab and search for a link to the National Center for Charitable Statistic page for the charity.  Once you click on the link, it will open NCCS page for the organization.  From here you can open “Form 990 Filings” tab. In case you didn’t find any link here, go to Step 3.

3) Other search tools.

The major issue is that you can’t properly identify the desired organization and for that organization’s EIN is the best way to search for its 990 or 990 EZ. There are few tools that are quite helpful for searching the EIN.

1. National Center for Charitable Statistics

NCCS is a famous and easiest search tool because there is no registration required for using it. In the seventh line simply enter the charity’s EIN. Once you enter your request it will take to a page with particular charity’s name along with its link. Just wrestling and it will take you to a page with Form 990 Filings tab with all the current 990 owned by NCCS. Click on the link and go back to main dashboard.


The second way to search for charity’s EIN is through  But for this, it charged certain amount of money as regurgitation fee. Go to the Form 990 & Docs tab to press the link. It will take you to all the latest return shown option. Simply chose it and it will open the return.

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