Charity QuickCheck

Charity QuickCheck

Find a Charity, EIN Form 990 or SGO Report. There are approximately 300,000 U.S-based Section 501(c)(3) public charities listed in The SGO database after submitting their Form 990 or 990-EZ.

In order to check details of any charity organization you have to look for organization’s EIN.

Once you got E-I-N you can Simply Search Organization Name by Following These Steps:

The first step is to enter some keywords related to its name that you are sure about.

In the database all the formal names of organizations with the IRS are listed.

In the search bar, case sensitive searches cannot be performed.

However when there are multiple options available with same name, enter some more informations specifically by using the State, City or ZIP box to narrow down your results.

After following all these instructions you will find the targeted organization.

The EIN Lighting Search

On the other hand if you know the organizations e i n a 9 digit employer identification number then simply interior it in the blue box and press the search button.

In case you know 8 digit EIN of an organization then simply enter a leading zero (example: 012345678).

Once they apply to IRS, each charity organization is assigned an Employer Identification Number.

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